How to write an encyclopedia entry for kids

If you do not wish to list an affiliation with any organization or institution, you will be listed as "Independent Historian" in that space unless you instruct otherwise.

For and Against, by J. Consult a variety of text and internet sources. Consequentialist moral theories that focus on actual or objectively probable consequences are often described as objective consequentialism Railton Now suppose that at the end of a paragraph, you wish place a labeled link to the supplementary document.

It might be morally better to give the money to charity, but such contributions seem supererogatory, that is, above and beyond the call of duty.

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Reprinted in Railton Carol's act is morally wrong if foreseen or foreseeable consequences are what matter, but not if what matter are intended consequences, because she does not intend to make her children sick.

It is hard to see how that assumption could be justified. The most common indirect consequentialism is rule consequentialism, which makes the moral rightness of an act depend on the consequences of a rule. If important new publications affect the currency of the main text, then the main text should be altered so as to reflect the important ideas in the new research.

Classic utilitarianism seems to require that agents calculate all consequences of each act for every person for all time. Bilgewater Press, 2nd edition. Identify Plants and Animals: See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions.

Now to produce the formatted line: For example, opponents often charge that classical utilitarians cannot explain our obligations to keep promises and not to lie when no pain is caused or pleasure is lost.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

How to Write an Encyclopedia

Remember, you have only a few words to describe the individual you are profiling. We have set up table that shows you the HTML codes to use for more sophisticated kinds of mathematical and logical formatting.

So observers as well as agents have adequate reasons to believe that such acts are morally wrong, according to act utilitarianism.

How To Write An Encyclopedia Style Essay

Remember, you should have no more than three sources. Utilitarianism and Beyond, Cambridge: This kind of agent-relative consequentialism is then supposed to capture commonsense moral intuitions in such cases. Volume 15Urbana, IL: Consequentialism also might be supported by an inference to the best explanation of our moral intuitions.

Concepts should be titled as follows: This is often difficult. Or one could hold that an act is right if it maximizes respect for or minimizes violations of certain specified moral rights.

Other responses claim that moral rightness depends on foreseen, foreseeable, intended, or likely consequences, rather than actual ones. Then the world will contain the five killings of them if they die, but not if they do not die. This will be possible by having enough information from your heart.

Using Special Characters We allow the use of widely supported Unicode characters.

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In each article describe and define the subject matter that you have been assigned. However, classic utilitarianism is actually a complex combination of many distinct claims, including the following claims about the moral rightness of acts: Smart32; Feldman17— Opponents of utilitarianism find this claim implausible, but it is not obvious that their counter-utilitarian intuitions are reliable or well-grounded Murphychs.

See also Kagan48— ANS1 was largely made up of artwork intended for release in the s, but 's ANS2 featured brand new concepts. Do not editorialize or use literary license to your essay. All encyclopedia entries should contain basic journalistic information; this means writing an entry that appropriately, sufficiently and concisely provides information to the "five-Ws": who, what, where, when and why.

Writing an encyclopedia style essay can be quite a challenge but fun if you only know what you are doing. To make it easier and fun go to the library and check out variety of encyclopedia to see formatting of those articles. How To Write An Encyclopedia Style Essay.

How to Write an Encyclopedia Style Essay

Views ; Comments 0; Essay Help; Write down your points in bullet. Writing an Encyclopedia Entry Part Two Section One Summary of the reason the person is famous.

Why are you famous? Section Two Early Childhood What was your childhood like? You may want to include birth date, parents, siblings, where you grew up.

This may include mentioning your spouse and children. What is your family. MLA Subject Encyclopedia or Dictionary Entry Citation. Examples are not double-spaced, but your Works Cited list should be double-spaced; Examples do not show indented lines after the first line, but yours should be indented.

Mar 10,  · Writing an encyclopaedia entry can be a quicker and easier way of getting published than submitting an article to a peer-reviewed journal. It is also a way to get your own specialist area of research out into the public domain, and, where appropriate, your own work cited, and therefore publicised.

What to write about and. In this document, we develop guidelines and policies concerning the content of entries written for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Entry Substance, Style and Length; Writing Your Entry in Word or LaTeX; Entry Format; Entry Revision; The Use of Footnotes; The Use of Special Symbols; If You Choose to Write Your Entry in HTML .

How to write an encyclopedia entry for kids
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